WanaRyd’s New Adrenaline Motorcycle Wheel

WanaRyd’s new Adrenaline wheel in their Stark-line Black and Aluminum finish will get you all worked up! It is one of six wheels in their Stark-line series that has set a higher benchmark for Black wheels throughout the motorcycle industry. To do this process they 3D machine the wheel, polish it, Powder-coat it Black and […]

World’s first 26″ Soft Lip Wire Motorcycle Wheel

Sinister Wheel has released the world’s first 26″ Soft Lip Wire Wheel, featuring a 6061 t6Billet outer, Billet Hub, with 304 stainless steel 3/8th Hi Polished spoke . It is a True American Made Wheel called Big Phat Daddy, available in 16″ – 26″, Virtually all color combinations are available. www.sinisterwheel.com Blog this! Bookmark on Delicious […]