TAM’s Motorcycle Magazine News & Big Changes For 2015

STAMFORD CT: After publishing motorcycle magazines for more than 25 years, Buzz Kanter feels 2015 will be the year of big change. “We have studied the motorcycle magazine field,” he explained. “And we’re convinced there is simply no longer enough reader interest or advertisers to support them all.”

In response, TAM Communications is optimizing its magazine mix and launching a year-long reader expansion program in print and online.

American Iron Magazine/Motorcycle Bagger. American Iron Motorcycle Bagger is being folded back into the much larger American Iron Magazine where it started. “This means our team can now put all the best editorial in one magazine,” Kanter explained. “No more spreading it out over two publications – something our readers will appreciate.”

American Iron Garage. Based on the significant and growing reader demand for Do-It-Yourself and Tech -oriented magazines, American Iron Garage will be increased to 3 issues for 2015. These special issues are available only in stores or through digital delivery worldwide.

Motorcycle Rides & Culture. Due to more than 40% growth in readership in the last year, Motorcycle Rides & Culture is increasing to 7 issues for 2015. “This is a high-quality publication,” Kanter stated. “So we are improving the quality paper to match the terrific art.”


American Iron Magazine

* Published since 1989.

* Longest running Editor-in-Chief (since 1991).

* Outsells all other motorcycle magazines on the newsstand.

* Is published every four weeks (13 issues a year).

American Iron Garage

* Published since 2011.

* The best-selling DIY and tech-oriented motorcycle magazine.

* Available in print or digital, but not by subscription.

* Sold more copies every year than the previous year.

Motorcycle Rides & Culture

* Formerly named RoadBike.

* Both the Editor and Art Director are MSF instructors.

* Fastest growing motorcycle magazine in 2014.

* In-depth articles on motorcycles, tours, motorcycle art & culture.

For more information on these magazines or how to advertise in them, please contact Terry O’Brien at TerryO@TAMCommunications.com.

Our April 2015 issue (on sale in March) will be the last one for
Motorcycle Bagger.

But that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck! We’re rolling the most popular features from Motorcycle Bagger back into American Iron Magazine where it started in the first place.

This means we’re going to deliver to you a BIGGER and BETTER
American Iron Magazine issue every four weeks!

QUESTION: If you are currently a Motorcycle Bagger subscriber, what do you need to do?
ANSWER: Nothing!  We’re transferring all remaining Motorcycle Bagger issues owed to you to your new American Iron Magazine subscription.

QUESTION: What if you’re already a subscriber to American Iron Magazine?
ANSWER: We’ll extend your subscription by the number of Motorcycle Bagger issues you’re owed!

Thanks for your support, and enjoy your bigger and better American Iron Magazine subscription.