2015 Indian Roadmaster Revealed, Ridden and Reviewed

2015-Indian-Roadmaster-1Over the years our urge to explore and travel long distance on two wheels remained, but somewhere along the way our expectation of comfort and functionality from our motorcycles evolved . And various OEM and aftermarket manufacturers are more than happy to offer us shiny new machines and accessories to keep us happy, safe and smiling. One of them is the recently reborn Indian Motorcyle company, which unveiled three impressive new motorcycles at last year’s Sturgis Rally & Races.

2015-Indian-Roadmaster-2Let me introduce you to their next new model – the 2015 Indian Roadmaster. It would be easy to dismiss it as last year’s Chieftain with lowers and a trunk. And in a way you’d be correct, but there is more to this 2015 Indian. They include the chrome fender tips, recontoured windshield, and front and rear highway bars. And, less obvious, are features to increase your creature comforts like the electrically heated grips and seats.

2015-Indian-Roadmaster-3So, you might be asking, what’s the deal with the new 2015 Indian Roadmaster and how does it perform? In a phrase, I like it. Start with the smooth and plentiful power delivery of the ample 111 cubic inch Thunderstroke engine. Pass that power through the exceptionally smooth six-speed transmission and you have a powerful and smooth set up ideal for around town or hitting the highways. Like all full size touring motorcycle these days, the Indian Roadmaster looks big, yet it handles like a much smaller machine.

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  1. I like the new 2015 Indian Roadmaster. It looks fine to me, and is obviously powerful enough. Those that don’t like the style, should take into account performance. Heated seats, and grips, are something I have never had!I love the highway, bars though!

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