Motorcycle Gear Heat Demon Vest Bundle

Heat-Demon-Vest-BundleThe key to riding in cold weather is keeping your core body temperature from dropping too low. I do this by adding layers of clothing or wearing heated riding gear. Perhaps the best way to maintain proper core body temperature on cold days is with a heated vest. With that in mind I recently added the Heat Demon Heated Vest Bundle with battery-powered option ($299.95) to my riding wardrobe.

The bundle I chose includes the vest, a single-zone heat controller with battery pack and charger, plus a fused battery cable to draw power from the bike’s battery. This more expensive bundle includes its own power source — an 11.1-volt/4400 mAh capacity rechargeable Samsung lithium-ion battery — giving me the option of not having to be tethered to the bike. Charging time for the self-contained battery pack is four to six hours, producing five hours of use (the company claims up to seven hours on a full charge).

The vest is made of Taslan, a fancy name for a durable, water-resistant fabric that’s packed with high-tech, carbon fiber heating elements strategically placed on the chest and back. The heating elements have low power consumption (3.5 amps) and high heating efficiency. The vest is adjustable thanks to a zipper design that accommodates sizes XL to 4XL for a snug fit to your body for maximum heat penetration. Two zippered outer pockets offer storage for small items, and two inner pockets are sized to carry the compact battery pack. The water-resistant heat controller uses standard 2.5mm plugs and has five temperature output levels to deal with any degree of cold you’re facing.

The best part? I can use the vest by simply plugging it into its battery pack without the hassle of having to hard-wire it to the motorcycle. MB

Product review by by Joe Knezevic

SOURCES Heat Demon-Symtec, 124 Osborne Rd. Northeast, Fridley, MN 55432, 763/571-9193,

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