Harley Baggers – What Is A Motorcycle Bagger?

Welcome to Motorcycle Bagger magazine for Harley riders. Some Harley riders have asked just what is a motorcycle bagger. In simple terms it is a motorcycle with saddlebags. But the reality is a motorcycle bagger, especially when referring to Harley baggers, is a rider’s passion for riding farther than to the local bike show, biker hangout or bar. People who ride Harley baggers tend to be enthusiastic, long term riders who appreciate comfort and function in their motorcycles – stock or modified – over simply making a fashion statement.

Simply adding saddlebags to a motorcycle seldom makes it a real bagger. Thus term has taken on more meaning as a long distance rider who needs and uses the additional storage space. But a motorcycle bagger, especially Harley baggers, often do have some custom and personal upgrades. This can be wheels, custom paint, exhaust and performance improvements and more.


  1. Bob Marquis says:

    Motorcycle Bagger magazine – It’s about time!!! As a long time AIM subscriber and a new Motorcycle Bagger subscriber, I am confident that you will cover the true baggers … NOT the posing baggers with 15+” ape hangers, 21-25″ front wheels (I think one actually had a 30″ front wheel!), slammed suspension, and saddlebags full of stereo amplifiers and sub-woofers like that other so-called bagger mag. Thanks!

  2. Wai-Chee says:

    Why not extending the subscription of this Bagger magazine to international readers? Think of the market & the opportunity outside of US & Canada!!

    • The cost of delivery for this magazine is very high for us. If there is enough damand we can. Or you can have it delivered to an address in the US and arrange to forward it to you.

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